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Developing Basin Scale Hydro-economic Tool within the Framework of Water-Energy-Environment-Food (WEEF) Nexus

Duration : January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015
(Extended to December 31, 2016)

IWMI has rich history of working at the interface of systems such as water and food, and water and energy. The goal of this activity is to develop a W-E-F framework that helps in integrating the three systems to evaluate impact of policies at basin level using the nexus approach. It is proposed to use hydro-economic tools to develop synergy and trade-off mechanisms within this framework. Ganges basin is used as case study. The complexity in basin comes from high variability of water availability, inequitable development of water resources, and multiple institutions. IWMI has a long history of work in this basin with many existing projects. IWMI will work on the existing hydro-economic model -the Ganges Economic Optimization Model (GEOM) - to further develop set of tools to answer key policy questions in the basin. This activity will provide IWMI with a strong foundation to develop similar W-E-F framework in other focal basins of WLE.

Location(s): Bangladesh, India
Project Contact: Sood, Aditya
Donor(s): IWMI Reserves