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Vulnerability and robustness of irrigation systems

Duration : May 1, 2013 - August 31, 2015
(Extended to August 31, 2016)

Small-scale irrigation systems have been the examples for self-governance and robustness. But such irrigation systems may now be becoming increasingly vulnerable because of the external disturbances associated with global changes, both socio-economic and environmental. Using multi-method approach, we aim to address some key questions associated with vulnerabilities and robustness of small scale irrigation systems. We will focus on: how will irrigation systems that have adapted to past disturbance regimes respond when these regimes change? What new vulnerabilities will emerge and how can we anticipate them? The understanding generated by this project will help to improve our capacity to develop governance structures to cope with global changes.

Location(s): Nepal, Thailand
Project Contact: Bastakoti, Ram
Donor(s): NSF (National Science Foundation)
Research Collaborator(s) : Arizona State University, Asian Institute of Technology,