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Effects of climate change the Mekong River Basin

Duration : February 25, 2008 - March 31, 2009

Several key tasks were undertaken within this project:

  1. Assembling climate scenario input data based on the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scenarios and interpreting these data for local Mekong spatial details (downscaling) as necessary.
  2. Analyzing the impacts on basin-wide hydrology, using the Mekong River Commission (MRC) Decision Support Framework hydrology program suite for the Lower Mekong, and incorporating other models or studies for the Upper Mekong.
  3. Analyzing the effects of climate change on Basin Development Plan objectives, particularly food security implications - this was part of the Integrated Basin Flow Management (IBFM) initiative at the MRC.
  4. Studying possible adaptation strategies at different scales, from field-farm to sub basin and basin level.
  5. Using the Decision Support Framework to analyze impacts of adaptation strategies.

Location(s): Lao People's Democratic Republic
Project Contact: Hoanh, C.T.
Donor(s): AusAID
Project websites :