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ITC Phase 2 - Mission Sunehra Kal

Duration : March 1, 2019 - February 28, 2021

India Tobacco Company Social Investments Program, “Mission Sunehra Kal” aims to address the vulnerabilities of agricultural communities, particularly with regard to water. The focus of the mission is on assisting communities to collectively conserve and manage local natural resources, broad-base farming systems and expand off-farm income portfolios to promote growth of rural economies. Community participation and multi-stakeholder partnerships are intrinsic to the model. ITC’s integrated watershed development projects already cover more than 300,000 ha in 14 states across India. Going forward, ITC plans to drought proof all its core agri-catchments and achieve positive water balance in all its factory locations aimed at Water for all stakeholders. Towards these objectives, ITC has been working in the area of supply side augmentation and demand side management of water.

Location(s): India
Project Contact: Sikka, Alok
Donor(s): I.T.C. Limited (India Tobacco Company Limited)